List all the Anime

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Thread Topic: List all the Anime

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    Shaman King
    Full metal alchemist
    Death Note
    Soul Eater
    Last Exile
    Hell Girl
    Eden of the East
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    Bluebird Novice
    Vampire Knight
    Vampire Knight Guilty
  • Hetalia
    Death Note
    One Piece
    Dragon Ball Z
    Vampire Knight

    And... that's all that I've seen. xD
  • soulisbeast Newbie
    Soul Eater (the best show ever)
    fullmetal alchemist:brotherhood
    Vampire knight
    fruits basket
    ouran highschool host club
    nabari no ou
    black butler
    D.gray man
    haha i am amazing look at all of these anime shows! i can't believe that i actually watched all of these
  • soulisbeast Newbie
    wait i forgot Death note.... yeah i watched that too

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