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Thread Topic: Jinchuuriki

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    TayuyaTerra Novice
    Name your best Jinchuuriki:

    Killer Bee

    Mine is:Yugito
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    zeronightshade Advanced
    Madara lolololol jk

    Utakata. His story got me.
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    absol heart Senior
    YO SAY HO!

    You know my name, you know my fame, don't be lame!
    Eight Tails, thats me, da rappin, Killer Bee
    A Tailed Beast resides, inside my hide!
    Makin' beats and rhymes and I'm makin' 'em live
    Its what a Jinchuriki needs to survive
    Battle and battle up here in the Bee Hive!
    Four fights comin' up, and it could get rocky!
    First a talky jockey. Naruto Uzumaki!
    His Nine-Tail is a major component
    Right from the top, he's a worthy opponent
    But the notion of a victory is not contradictory!
    Win after win is the way that its done
    When im done, you'll wish we never met, son!
    Aww yeeah!

    Yo! Hey! Ho!

    Ya know my force, of course, from the source!
    No remorse from me, the one and only Killer Bee
    Watch and learn, feel the burn, testify
    Say goodbye, butterfly, when i fight Might Guy!
    A hot-blooded fighter with his hair in a bowl
    A fist full of passion and a kick full of soul
    But I'll chew him up, like a casserole

    Yo! Hey! Ho!

    Ya know my power, make ya cower, every hour
    Eight Tails, Killer Bee to the third degree
    The next fine prize is a guy with funky eyes
    Sasuke Uchiha, I wouldn't wanna be ya!
    Powerful gaze with eyes pitch black
    Dark fate drives him like a maniac
    But you mess with the Bee, and he'll sting ya right back

    Yo! Hey! Ho!

    Ya know my swords, my awards, hittin' chords
    Eight Sword Style from the hills to the fjords
    Now a Seven Swordsmen, he's down right cocky
    His name is Kisame Hoshigaki!
    Unlimited chakra's the claim of this shark
    He grinds down lives like a walk in the park
    But we'll see just who's your patriarch!

    Yes! Say! Ho!

    Always win with a grin, 'cause I got the funky flow! (Yow!)
    Take you down, to the ground, with a punishing blow! (Yeah!)

    A Tailed Beast resides, in my hide!
    Step aside and prepare to be petrified
    Cause it's hard out there for a Jinchuriki
    When you're fightin' and recitin' and your rhymes are freaky
    My vanquished foes do the dance of defeat
    And we celebrate my win with these ice cold beats!
    Me and Eight-Tails, ain't nothin' gonna sever
    It's win, win, win till the end forever!

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