Finish the Family Guy Quote

Okay so, as everyone knows there are plenty of Family Guy online quizzes out there and most of them not very difficult in the slightest; but they all (for the most part) ignore the real driving-force behind the show- the QUOTES!!!!

A large percentage of the humor in this show is based on the wacky and outrageous things that the characters say, the way they interact with eachother, and the way that what they are saying constantly pushes the envelope forward for raunchy, vulgar speach on t.v. So let's see if you can remember a few things that have been said...

Created by: CrimsonAce21

  1. Peter: "everybody had matching ____ .... but it wasn't a rock, it was a _____..."
  2. Lois: "Me Likey ____!!! Me Likey ____!!!"
  3. Brian: "Who's leg do you have to hump to get a _____ around here?"
  4. Stewie: " that time bomb I left ticking in your ____ Happy 50th Birhtday!"
  5. Chris: "You told me I came from your ____! Liar!"
  6. Meg: "____ a ____ in a ____"
  7. Quagmire: "Aww want me to _____ my ____ across your face?"
  8. Joe: "And last of all who could forget _____"
  9. Cleveland: "Loretta doesn't allow ____ _____ into our home"
  10. Jasper: "I met a wonderful Phillipino boy... I know I'm a ____ _____"

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