Find your Inner Animal

Many people possess the qualities of animals. This is known as animal instinct. Some times animal instinct involves climbing or running, while other times it simply involves a general understanding of animals.

The average person possesses at least one inner animal, but what is yours? By taking this quiz you will not only reveal facts about the ways of animals, but the ways the connect with you.

Created by: Banana
  1. Your ideal article of clothing would have to be:
  2. Your ideal article of clothing would have to be:
  3. Where to you want to visit?
  4. What's your ideal relationship?
  5. What's your LEAST favorite food?
  6. You have a grudging hate for WHAT animal?
  7. What's your dominant emotion?
  8. Pick a random phrase:
  9. If a human owned you, you would prefer it to be:
  10. What's your favorite color?

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Quiz topic: Find my Inner Animal