European Geography Quiz

If you want to know your insight of European Geography, then I guess you should try this test. You probably will not do so well. Please try not to cheat, or do, I don't care.

Good luck. I really do not know what to write here, I am just writing stuff here to fill the requirement. I don't think this is very persuasive this is, but whatever.

Created by: MoldyBread
  1. Montenegro is an independent country that previously was part of but has since left?
  2. Which country is part of the European Union (EU)? (As of making)
  3. Sicily is a region to which European Country
  4. True or false: Cyprus is part of the EU? (As of writing)
  5. Which body of water cannot be found in Europe?
  6. Which African country borders a European country?
  7. Of the following, which is the smallest in land area?
  8. Greenland is owned by which country?
  9. The city of Milan/Porto is located where?
  10. What was the USSR/Soviet Union also called by?
  11. What is the capital of Poland?
  12. What is the capital of Kosovo?
  13. Fill in the blank: Czech ______
  14. The most northern European city/town is:
  15. The most western country of the following are:

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