Eminem - The Official Quiz

How would you like to take a quiz on Eminem, inspired by Marshal Mathers himself!!! Answer 10 questions to see if your really Eminem's biggest fan, or just a wannabe!

Answer questions varying from his private life, his famous band D12 and his evil alter ego Slim Shady! Battle out to see if you really are Marshal Bruce Mathers' biggest fan...

Created by: James Fitter
  1. In what album does Eminem talk about playing 'Put-Put Golf with a friend' and being the leader of a group of soldiers?
  2. What two books were written by Eminem himself?
  3. Why are there only 6 people in D12?
  4. In what album does Eminem imitate the scene where he pulled a gun on his ex-wife Kim and the Bouncer she was kissing.
  5. Which item below was NOT produced for the general public?
  6. In which book can you see over 37 reproductions of Eminem's original lyric sheets?
  7. What was D12' first signed single?
  8. Does Eminem have a sibling, and if so, what's he/she called?
  9. In which club was Eminem's best friend killed?
  10. What animal did Eminem say he killed in the Marshal Mathers LP?

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