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A fun quiz to determine what race you should play in the Elder Scrolls Online. Possible results: Altmer, Bosmer, Khajiit, Breton, Redguard, Orsimer, Nord, Dunmer, Argonian, or Imperial.

Questions are variously based on things you visually like, things you enjoy, how you see yourself, and what values you hold. Total length is 24 questions.

Created by: J.L. Garcia
  1. What color banner would you rather fight under?
  2. What emblem most resonates with you?
  3. Which biome would you spend most of your time exploring?
  4. What weather do you prefer?
  5. How will you win battles against your foes?
  6. What is the source of true power?
  7. What character trait most defines who you are?
  8. Should we prioritize inherited traditions or forward progress?
  9. Which race should rule Tamriel?
  10. With what weapon will you roam the world?
  11. How do you armor yourself?
  12. Do you prefer to dispatch your enemies face to face or at a distance?
  13. Do you see yourself healing the wounded in battle?
  14. When people describe you, what do they say?
  15. Do you empathize with the downtrodden or aspire to join the elite?
  16. How tall do you see yourself?
  17. What is your build?
  18. How do you handle conflict?
  19. What worldview do you hold?
  20. How important is it to you to appear "human"?
  21. The history of Tamriel is rife with morally dubious actions. Which of these is the most forgivable?
  22. Which of these obstacles is the easiest to overcome in an alliance for peace?
  23. Why do you fight?
  24. Are you marveled by the beauty in a complex flower, or by a perfect clockwork automaton.

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