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Dream smp quiz hello my firts quiz and soo bad lmoa random kssjsbwjsishsjshsjshsjshwjdhjdsbshjshdsjbedudjdhdjdhdjdgejdbdjdbdjbdjdheienskajsbdownwwodbdkdjjd

Dream smp quiz I'm a turkish smp fan, it's my first time plastering please sorry I hope you like it and joy by neromi :) :) djoabsibwidbaosjaoabakabakbs

Created by: Dream smp quiz
  1. Favvvvvvvvv colour whatttttttttttttttttttttttttt
  2. What are you most good at in minecraft?
  3. introduce yourself
  4. choose a quote
  5. You watch your own town burn
  6. which team do you support
  7. who do you really want it doesn't affect your score
  8. your zodiac
  9. your favorite weapon in minecraft
  10. your favorite animal

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