Dream SMP Partner in Crime

Wanna know who your partner in crime would be? These are the main people who have/has caused chaos on the SMO. So just answer some questions it's not that hard.

Have fun and be honest if you don't like this quiz well thats ok I can't make everyone happy, but I do hope you enjoy it.............remember, it was never meant to be.

Created by: Stormi
  1. Why are you destroying this country?
  2. How do you destroy the country
  3. How close do you keep people
  4. Do you get upset easily
  5. Are you loyal?
  6. You're friends are vandalizing something, do you join?
  7. Someone is getting bullied do you help them?
  8. How do you show negative emotions
  9. How do you feel about the government
  10. Favorite mcyt quote

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