Dose your crush like you ?

Do you want to know if your crush likes you ? I'm sure you all do . Well of course you do you choose this quiz, answer these questions to find out if your crush life you.

Sorry boys but this quiz is just for us girls,( don't come at me I'm not sexist) if you boys do want a quiz to , then your not in luck sorry , but I'm sure there is a quiz for you some where.

Created by: Lucy fallon

  1. Do you catch him looking at you.
  2. How often do you talk
  3. How do you hang out?
  4. Do you talk to his friends
  5. Dose he know your birthday
  6. Did you enjoy this quiz
  7. If not y not
  8. Btw thoose last two had no effect on your answer not will the next couple i just have to ask ten questions lol
  9. Btw I'm not the Lucy Fallon
  10. Do you watch eastenders?

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Quiz topic: Dose my crush like you ?