Dogwarts House Quiz!

Hi! This quiz is created just for fun to find out your Dogwarts House! Of course I do not own any rights to anything and this quiz is created just for fun.

Thank you for supporting Granger! Please use the results to get your house and then display your house on your HP profile, forum signature, or even your avatar!

Created by: Skyler
  1. How would you describe your dog?
  2. What collar would your dog love to sport?
  3. What activities does your dog love?
  4. What is your dog's favorite season?
  5. Can Granger count on your support for Dogwarts Top Dog 2023?!
  6. What is your dog's favorite thing to do with you?
  7. How would your dog handle a stranger?
  8. What is your dogs favorite treat?
  9. You're at a Quiddog match, what are you doing?
  10. Final question.. favorite dog toy?

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