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Doggie Style Pet Resort put together this Doggie Fun Fact Quiz for all new employees & for really anyone interested in taking it. The score at the end does not effect your employment status!

This is just for fun so relax, enjoy & have fun while taking this Doggie Fun Fact Quiz. Let’s see if you are a “Dog Whisperer” or a “Human In Need Of Training” by the end of this quiz you will have a definite answer on which you are!

Created by: Doggie Style Pets
  1. Which breed of dog is the smallest?
  2. Research has shown that dogs are NOT color blind. They can see ____ & ____ also!
  3. What dog breed can run the fastest, up to 44 miles per hour?
  4. Which dog breed has been recorded as the smartest?
  5. According to studies done in the past dogs can learn up to ____ words
  6. In which country is it illegal to own a dog as a pet?
  7. There are ___ states who have officially named a specific dog breed to represent it?
  8. Which breed represents the state of Virginia?
  9. Which breed represents the state of Massachusetts?
  10. Which breed represents the state of North Carolina?
  11. The popular dog Scooby from the cartoon Scooby-Doo is what breed?
  12. On average there are usually ___ - ___ number of puppies born in a litter?
  13. What is the largest breed by weight, weighing around 200 pounds?
  14. Which dog breed is the tallest?
  15. There are ___ different groups in which dogs are listed by category.
  16. Which dog breed is known as the Nanny Breed?
  17. The Boxer breed is part of the ______ group?
  18. The Bulldog breed is part of the ____ group?
  19. The German Shorthaired Pointer is part of the ____ group?
  20. Which dog breed is said to be the dumbest?
  21. How often should a dog see a licensed veterinarian for a wellness check up?
  22. The Australian Shepherd breed is actually NOT from Australia. The Australian Shepherd is actually from where?
  23. Which dog breed is the most popular in the state of West Virginia?
  24. Which dog breed is the most popular in the states of Maryland and Virginia
  25. The dog breed Kerry Blue Terrier is actually born black & it may take ___ months for their blue coat to come in.
  26. The dog breeds ____ & ____ have blue or partial blue tongues.
  27. The first dog to ever appear in a movie was a Border Collie named Jean who appeared on the big screen in what year?
  28. The popular dog Snoopy from the Cartoon Snoopy is what breed?
  29. The classic TV series Lassie was about a smart and fearless Collie who preform heroic tasks for her owners & friends. Lassie was the 1st animal inducted into the Hall Of Fame in what year?
  30. According to a survey done in 2019 which names were the most popular for male dogs?
  31. According to a survey done in 2019 which names were the most popular for female dogs?
  32. All puppies are born deaf!
  33. Show dogs must be spayed/neutered to enter in most shows!
  34. In general large breed dogs live longer then small breed dogs.
  35. Dogs with perky, upright ears hear better then dogs with floppy, long ears.
  36. Dogs really are Humans Best Friend!
  37. A dogs sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger then humans!
  38. The Alaskan Malamute can withstand temperatures as low as 70 degrees below 0 degree (-70 F).
  39. Dogs see best in the middle of the day when the sun is brightest!
  40. Miniature Pinchers are considered just little Dobermans.
  41. Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers have what is called Lock Jaw a condition in which the top and lower jaws lock and can not be pulled apart. They couldn’t open their own mouth if they wanted to. The jaws will come unlocked though in a few seconds.
  42. Dogs have a sense of time. They know if their human/humans have been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours for example!
  43. The top 3 hardest dog breeds to train are Rottweiler, Pit Bull Terrier & Siberian Husky according to statistics.
  44. The top 2 reasons that dogs are in shelters is because they are injured or homeless
  45. The Labradoodle is recognized as its own breed and was created by having one parent a Poodle and the other parent a Labrador.
  46. The Labrador has been the most popular dog breed in the United States for the past 36 years.
  47. An Afghan named Snuppy was the 1st dog in the world to ever be cloned!
  48. In the movie Wizard Of Oz the little dog named Toto was a Yorkshire Terrier!
  49. Dalmatians are born with lots & lots of black spots!
  50. Adopt Don’t Shop. There are 14,000 shelters & rescues across North America!

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