does she like you?

Does she like me, does she not? Many ask themselves this every day, but now your question can finally be answered with this quiz written from a girl's point of view.

Does she like you? It's time to find out. Girls can even use this quiz to find out if they're being too obvious about who the like, just remember to take it from the boy's side.

Created by: Maya

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you ever catch her looking at you?
  2. Does she always find a reason to be with you?
  3. Does she tend to casually touch you (ex. High fives, pat on the back, shake hands)
  4. How much of your day is spent with her?
  5. How does she usually look at you?
  6. Does she always laugh at your jokes
  7. Do you have compatable signs?
  8. Are you in the same age group?
  9. Do you like her?
  10. I have to have one more question so..Do you like JellO or pudding better (this has no effect)

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