Does She Like You?

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So I mainly made this quiz for my big sister Ericat. She likes to take quizzes like this in the person she likes point of view. If you don't know her, check out her quizzes! They're awesome! So

Another reason why I made this quiz is because I'm a girl, and who knows a girl... better than a girl? Of course the answers may not be EXACTLY accurate, but they're based off my knowledge.

Created by: CreateGalaxy
  1. Who normally starts the conversation?
  2. Has she ever stared at you?
  3. If she stares at you, what does she do when you catch her.
  4. Does she ever laugh at your jokes?
  5. Does she ever look anywhere but you when you're around?
  6. Does she ever get nervous around you when you're around.
  7. Are you getting sick of this quiz? (No effect)
  8. How well do you know her?
  9. Comment? (No effect)
  10. Rate?

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