does heart(my fnaf oc)like you

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sailor enceladus here, and meet my new OC, heart, I also made other OCs, you get to talk with my OC, heart: can I get a snack. me: ok, before Y/N gets here!

you: I'm here! heart: I'll pretend I'm not here.*hides in the pantry* and then blah blah blah, now it's time for me to say my number 1 rule: rate and comment!

Created by: sailorenceladus7

  1. first things first, give me a while, I'll call heart.
  2. heart's here! heart: so I'm gonna ask questions? me: ya! heart: ok, so...ooh, I have many good ones, so first, if I dared you to kis someone you like(not your parents)what do you do?
  3. heart: next, what would you feel if freddy, bonnie, and foxy had to stay in jail for 100 years?
  4. heart: do you want me as your friend?
  5. heart: what one word can describe you?
  6. hearty: whatcha doin sis? heart: asking Y/N questions. hearty: can I try? heart: only once. hearty: ok, what do you think about...HAHAHAHAHHA...BU- heart: that makes you laugh, not Y/N!!! anyway, he's trying to say buts
  7. heart: back to my turn, do you like roblox?
  8. heart: do you think sailorenceladus7 is bad at drawing?(seen in the picture)
  9. heart: how old are you?(me: if you're 60+ I'm outa my mind)
  10. me and heart: bye!

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