Does he likes me? (For girls 10-15)

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Thank you that you came you are amazing! Enjoy! Thank you that you came you are amazing! Your love defiantly like you back and don’t try to say different answer, I won’t hear it!

I already love you! Good luck with your love!^^ Really want you to have it! C’mon just wait, you got it^^^^yay, don’t be scared because that quiz isn’t 100% it’s just the things on my own experience, and my friend’s, don’t worry!^^

Created by: Shipka
  1. Does he looks at you when you don’t see it?
  2. Are you friends or you never talk to each other?
  3. If you would ask him, “Do you agree, that I am stupid?” What you think he will answer
  4. If you know, he ever said or meant by something, that you’re pretty?
  5. Did he ever protected you from someone, or insulted someone that insulted you!
  6. Do your friends (friends of both of you in a same time) ship you? :) ( Mine do-_-)
  7. Did he ever talked about love with you?
  8. Did he brought you present with no reason?
  9. Why do you think he likes you?
  10. Anddd doesn’t mean anything did you like a test? ^^

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