Does he like you for you??

There are ALOT of dudes out there. If you ever get the right one you spend the rest of your life with, well your a lucky son of a ducker. I wish you the best of luck with your new honey! But if your one of those people who just cant seem to find THE one.. you are soo not alone! I bet that guy for you is just waiting for you. Maybe he's just waiting, or maybe he's going through girls like a teenaged guy goes through socks?? haha i dont know. He, TOO, is trying to find you, the ONE! Go get 'em girls! and good luck!

Does HE like YOU?! Do you have a hunch but are still not sure? My quiz will hopefully give you a push to help find out. Oh and Dont forget to really think about these questions, ok? Get it? Got it? Good!

Created by: Bailey

  1. Does he seem excited to see you when you hang out one on one?
  2. How often do you chill?
  3. Does he ask you to go places with him or invite you somewhere?
  4. Do you talk on the phone with him?
  5. He flirts with you right?
  6. Talk on my Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, via text, ect. about personal stuff??
  7. When you tell him a secret or something personal-like, does he smile that smile that you would die for?
  8. Do you catch him staring at you?
  9. Do you like him?
  10. How much do you think he likes you? (Is it obvious?)
  11. Would you ever go out with him?

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