Does he like you?

Lots of girls think that their crush likes them, but is it truth or is it folly? After all, people lie. Is he the liar or are you fantasizing too much?

This quiz is for girls as it was made for girls but guys can take it too. I tried my hardest so it isn't JUST girls who are able to take it. The age question and the gender questions do not count therefor.

Created by: Rawrses342
  1. OK this question doesn't count. If you have school off because of summer then refer to the last time you had a class together/saw him. OK? And, if you see him during summer and I do one of those "In class" questions, just do the last time you had a class with him.
  2. Have you guys kissed
  3. How often do you talk?
  4. In class, does he stare at you?
  5. When you talk, do you have awkward silences?
  6. Is he more annoying when you're around?
  7. Does he laugh at your terrible jokes?
  8. Does he confide in you when he is sad?
  9. In school, does he sit next to you?
  10. Does he always want to work with you in school?

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