Does He Like You?

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Have you ever wondered if he truly, truly loves you? Well, you can take this quick quiz to find out! Answer only 12 simple questions to see your results!

We all have had middle school crushes but could this one be true love? Take this quiz to find out how good you two would be for each other. (Girls only)

Created by: Leanna C.
  1. When you were waiting for your ride, has he ever walked up to you and sat next to you?
  2. Do you know him that well?
  3. Has he ever complimented you?
  4. Has he ever sent a friend to ask if you like him?
  5. How often does he start a conversation with you?
  6. What kind of grades do you get compared to him? (your grade/his)
  7. Age difference?
  8. When you drop something on purpose, what does he do?
  9. Does he know that you like him?
  10. Does he have a girlfriend?

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