Does he like you? (11-13 year olds only)

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This is a very fun quiz for kids there ages 11-13 even for 10 year olds too! Technically it is for everyone! Anyway thank you for deciding to take this quiz!

Do you wanna know if your crush likes you back? If you do, you should really take this quiz! This isn't just some ordinary stupid old quiz for elders, this is a rocking fun quiz for all ages to see your future in Love! Love it, take the quiz, see your true love mate, or your partner in the dumps!

Created by: Addy Freeman
  1. Do you think you he likes you?!
  2. How much do you like him out of 100?
  3. Does you 2 ever talk to each other?
  4. Are you 2 in the same school?
  5. Have you ever caught him looking at your eyes?
  6. Has he ever asked you for your phone number?
  7. (This question doesn't effect your answer at all) Are you Stupiad? (Stupaid means you are stupid and you don't get paid for it! (I made the word myself) that is what it means)
  8. (This doesn't effect your answer at all) Are you a burrito?
  9. Does he wave to you in the hallways?
  10. Does you 2 kiss/hug in public or even in privacy?
  11. Last Question, to final it all up, CHOOSE VERY CAREFULLY!! ARE YOU READY!!! Do you like him?

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