Does he like u?

You may like him, or you may not. The question is, does he like you? Take this quiz to find out if he has fallen for you or someone else.

Does he like you, your friend, your enemy, himself, or your sister? In just a few minutes, this quiz will tell all you need to know.

Created by: anonymous
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do u like him?
  2. does he make an excuse to be by u a lot?
  3. do you catch him staring at u a lot?
  4. Do your friends think he likes u?
  5. Do his friends think he likes u?
  6. This and the rest of the questions dont have an effect.
  7. blah
  8. click here
  9. hi
  10. This does have an effect:Do you think he likes you?

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