Do You Like Pain????

there are lots of people who hate pain,alot of people who like pain, and alot of people who love pain.see if you really love pain or hate it. come on you know you wanna take this come on click on the link

If You Like Pain then this is probably the best site for see how much you really like pain come on you know you want to!!!click on the link! move that mouse!come on!pleaseeee pleaaassseee

Created by: Ashlyn
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have You ever cut yourself?
  2. Do You Really Like Pain or are you just taking this cause your bored
  3. Do you like p---??
  4. Do you like to have rough sex???
  5. Do you do drugs
  6. Do you scream alot?
  7. What sport do you like
  8. What's your homepage
  9. what's your favorite song
  10. What's Your favorite Movie?

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Quiz topic: Do I Like Pain????