Do you like bacon or not

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This is a quiz to see if you like bacon there will be a series of questions for you to answer. To be honest I looooooooooove bacon I have it sooooo much I don’t think I could live without it

This quiz is something me and my friends made. This is based on what we think. If you believe that you like bacon a lot and you didn’t get the score that you wanted that okay you be who you want to be. Don’t let others judge you.

Created by: Bacon lover 123

  1. How much do you like bacon
  2. Are you happy right now
  3. Did you know that bacon comes from pigs
  4. Bobbbbbbbybbbyybybybybyby y nkbsffjosef Ughofweghrjhgowehgoejrhgohjrgr
  5. Have you played the bacon game
  6. What type of bacon do you like
  7. What would you rate chocolate bacon
  8. Are you vegetarian
  9. This is the second last question
  10. Are you ready to find out if you like bacon

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Quiz topic: Do I like bacon or not