Do You Know Your RnB?

There Is Many People That Listen To RnB, and Think They Know Many Of Songs, But Do They Really Know Many and Do They Really Listen To The Lyrics, I Wonder If They Even Have a Clue What RnB Is. Do You Know What It Is?

Are YOU Good Enough To Get 100% With Lyrics From Popular And Recent RnB Songs? Do You Listen To The Lyrics!?... Do You Know The Artists!? Well Then Prove It, And Show Us What You Think You Know! Be an RnB Failure or an RnB God!

Created by: Reece Vidamour
  1. Name That Song: "I Like Girls, They Like Me, They Look So Good, In They Seven Jeans"
  2. Name That Song: "Cause she walk like the boss, talk like the boss"
  3. Name That Song: "And Just, Hold You, Tease You, Squeeze You, Tell You Whats Been On My Mind"
  4. Name That Song: "Because When I Arrive, I, I'll Bring The Fire"
  5. Name That Song: "Got Me Out Here In The Water So Deep, Tell Me How You Gonna Be Without Me"
  6. Name That Song: "Dont Cry For Me When Im Gone, No Point In Wasting Tears"
  7. Name That Song: "You Tell That Dude, He Got To Go"
  8. Name That Song: "I've Been Driving On This Road Too Long"
  9. Name That Song: "She Might Be Going Home With Me Tonight"
  10. Name That Song: "I Never Used To Go Out Without Yah, Not Sure If I Remember How To"
  11. Name That Song: "See The Thing About Life Is That Its, Its Just Too Short"
  12. Name That Song: "Dont Act Like A Snobby Model, You Just Hit The Lotto"
  13. Name That Song: "Have You Ever Been In A V.I.P Room Of Your Favourite Street Club?"
  14. Name That Song: "All Eyes On Me In The Center Of The Ring..."
  15. Name That Song: "I Aint Complaining, Ya'll Wanna Be Famous"

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my RnB?