Do you know your Potter Books and Movies?

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This quiz asks you questions like: When was this book published?, Whats the sixth book? Do you think you'll be able to solve this quiz? What house are you in?

How much of a potter head to you think you are? Will you get them all correct? Have you read the books? Or do you prefer the movies? Maybe you've lost interest in the books?

Created by: Zoey

  1. What's the first book?
  2. When was 'Harry Potter and the prince of Azkaban' published?
  3. How many books are there?
  4. The latest book?
  5. Who's the illustrator of Harry Potter? (Yes there is illustrated books too)
  6. What's the 5th book?
  7. How many chapters are in Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone?
  8. What house did Harry "Not want" ?
  9. In which book did Harry meet Luna Lovegood?
  10. What's a muggle?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Potter Books and Movies?