Do you know your horse breeds?

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Do you know your horse and pony breeds? Are you an expert or just a wannabe? Take this quiz to find out dudes!For some reason I'm supposed to write 'two paragraphs that describe my quiz so I'm just typing random stuff so yeah!

I love horses and horses are my life and I read about them and think about them 24/7 and I ride as much as possible and sadly I don't have a horse but I want to get one ASAP!

Created by: Equestriangirl4ever!

  1. Which of these ponies are usually grey or dapple grey and excel at jumping?
  2. Which of these draft breeds have heavy feathering, long manes and tails, and are 'pinto' coloring?
  3. What is a 'draft' horse?
  4. Which of these horse breeds has an extra gait?
  5. Which of these breeds is almost always gray?
  6. What horse breed is most commonly used for racing?
  7. Which of these ponies are small, stout, shaggy and stubborn?
  8. Which of these pairs of breeds is usually flaxen chestnut?
  9. Which of these breeds are spotted?
  10. Which of these breeds is NOT a Western breed?
  11. Which of these breeds has ears that turn inward?
  12. Which of these breeds has a two-toned mane that is blond on the outside and black on the inside?
  13. Which of these breeds are pure black and have a long and wavy mane and tail?
  14. Which of these horse's coats have a metallic sheen?
  15. Which of these ponies do better in heat than cold?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my horse breeds?