do you know my mom?

This is a random quiz to see if you know my mom well. You don't know my mom therefore you don't know her. Don't try to tell me you know her either because you don't.

Let's see if you can guess a lot of random questions about my mom. If you get 100% I'll give you lots of cookies :3 cookies are very yummy nom nom nom

Created by: babeyg
  1. well, you don't.
  2. how old is my mom
  3. does she like food
  4. what did she name her daughter
  5. who did she marry
  6. where does she live
  7. what is her favorite color
  8. how many kids does she have
  9. what is her nationality
  10. let's see if you know my mom ! x3 pretend to be excited to get this question right
  11. ok bye love you little marshmallow pineapples x3

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Quiz topic: Do I know my mom?