Do you Know music????

I hope you enjoy Warning might be hard for some will learn eventually all genres everyone is still learning about this kind of stuff.there are various questions.

There probably is a lot of various questions just saying there is a lot of different kinds of music from K-pop to rap.there are many genres so many people leave about like half of them out.

Created by: Shannon

  1. What genre is the song "DNA"
  2. Who did the song "cheerleader"
  3. What is a song in the genre of alternative
  4. What is a song in the genre of pop
  5. Which is a song by Justin Timberlake?
  6. Which is a pop song writer
  7. Which is a kpop song?
  8. Which is a heavy metal band
  9. Which is a song by Brittany Spears
  10. Which is a song by Linkin Park
  11. What are some rappers?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know music????