Do you know me?

most people don't know me, some not at all, some know me better than i know myself, so, are YOU one of theme? . thats right! you can take my quiz to find out or sit there all day loooking into your compurt sreen all day, so, what will it be, bye the way do i have to write all this? its boring! so not fair, people don't even read this!, i mean come on!, take the dang quiz!

yes reading is not boring i like bring money with me to the store i love my bed my clothes are nice i like them i love my dog even tho he bit me i dont care i really could care less by bye !

Created by: xXvampiregirlXx

  1. what color is my hair?
  2. What color are my eyes?
  3. Do i like Vampires or Werewolfs?
  4. do i have a bedtime?
  5. my fav movie?
  6. what do i hate more edward cullen ( i know he's real name) or my sister (the evil thing)
  7. do i lie?
  8. ok for the next few questions i want you to pick one thing i like out of the rest if you see something like this compurt/TV it means same thing ok got all that? well...DO YOU?
  9. pick one of my fav
  10. pick again
  11. again
  12. again...
  13. again....Zzzzz....
  14. will you comment ?
  15. rate?
  16. HA!!! YOU THOUGHT (random person: you spellled that wrong me : like i care) IT WAS OVER HA !
  17. ok quiz over NOW by!

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?