Do you know envy?

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There are many people who like FullMetal alchemist, and some in that group like me, love Envy very much. But how much do you love Envy? How much do you know about this sadistic Homunculus?

Are you a TRUE Envy fan? Do you know all about Envy? Until now you could only guess and ponder about the level of your fandom, but now is the ultimate test, test your Envy knowledge and see what kind of fan you really are!! ( this is based on FMA Brotherhood, not the 2003 anime)

Created by: envy101fmaxD

  1. Who is Envy first disguised as?
  2. Where is Envy's Ouroboros tattoo located?
  3. Who do you first see Envy with?
  4. Which two people did Envy disguise himself as, to kill Maes Hughes
  5. How does Greed insult Envy when greed is captured and taunting all of the present Homunculi?
  6. What does Envy disguise himself as when he goes to retrieve Gluttony? (this is when Gluttony goes on his rampage)
  7. Who does Envy get swallowed with when Gluttony swallows him?
  8. How did Envy start the Ishvalan war?
  9. What does Envy's true form roughly look like? ( what he turns into inside Gluttony's stomach)
  10. How does Envy suggest Wrath kill Roy Mustang?
  11. Who does Envy retrieve from jail?
  12. How does Envy get reverted to his OTHER true form (the smaller one)the 1st time in the north?
  13. Who tries to take him back to their country?
  14. How does Envy return to his palm tree looking form?
  15. Who nearly kills Envy the second time?
  16. Who stops him (the person from question 15) from killing Envy?
  17. What were Envy's final words?
  18. How does Envy permanently die?

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Quiz topic: Do I know envy?