Do You Have What It Takes to Be Popular?

There are many people that walk the halls of schools and only some can be called popular. You see them you envy them and maybe you are one of them. After all, popularity isn't everything but it sure is fun!

Do YOU have what it takes? Do you have the social skills and personality to be like THEM? Now you can find out! Take the popularity quiz and get some good advice on how to work the school food chain.

Created by: Nicole
  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. Play any sports? If more than one pick your favorite.
  3. How do you wear makeup for school?
  4. Are you in shape?
  5. Typical school-wear.
  6. Clubs or electives for school? If more than 1, pick your favorite.
  7. How many bf's have you had?
  8. Is your school really cliquey?
  9. What do the populars think of you?
  10. Honestly! Do you take good care of yourself to make you look as pretty as you can be?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have What It Takes to Be Popular?