do you have what it takes to be a ninja

Wouldnt it be awesome to be a ninja?? Find out in this quiz if you survive the awesomest job on the planet. Sure its fun, but danger lurks everywhere.

to be honest, most people wont pass this quiz.dont get upset if you dont, because its hard. and short, only 15 questions. but you make the choice...

Created by: wolfman1

  1. First of all, where are ninjas trained?
  2. okay... wepon?
  3. your master sent you on a kidnapping mission. problem is, this guy is parenoid and has the place heavily guarded. how do you get in?
  4. Okay, your in. The owner of this house is on the top floor. there are 6 floors. youre on floor 2. do you have a plan?
  5. whatever you did, it worked. the owner is in captivity. what do you specialize in as a ninja
  6. On your next mission, you were sent to steal a jewel from a museum. your in the building, but lost. what do you do
  7. you managed to find the jewel. you reach out to grab it...slowly...slowly...BEEP BEEP BEEP oh crud you just set off the alarm and 3 scary lookin gaurds come in. what do you do?
  8. you manage to get out of the room with the jewel in your hands, but you see all the entrances blocked by guards
  9. whatever you did it didnt work. you were captured and are being interrogated. they demand to know who your working for and what you did with Sedrya Jhiang (the guy you kidnapped). what do you do
  10. No matter how hard they try, they cant prove you stoll it. You are released. your master is furious with you now. what do you do
  11. he forgave you and gave you another mission. you need to find an apprintice to teach. where do you look
  12. you find an apprintice. you are sent to Tokyo to spy on the emporer of Japan. How do you plan to get in?
  13. what do you hear the emporer saying
  14. Your next mission is to find your ninja master's master who has gone into hiding deep in the woods of China. How do you find him?
  15. you find him. your master has specificly ordered you to bring him back to saftey, but this man refuses to leave. what do you do?
  16. your masters master has safley returned.your teacher is pleased, and tells you youve reached the end of your training. you go and start your own ninja industry. whos the first member
  17. on a spy mission, your top ninja was hauled to a high security prison in Japan.what do you do
  18. youre ninja is being held at the very end of the prison on the top floor. theres 3 ways to get up there; which do you choose
  19. Congratulatons, you have made it to the end of the quiz! now please comment... or ill find you...

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Quiz topic: Do I have what it takes to be a ninja