Do you have permission to pee

Do you really need to pee? I will assess how full your bladder is and how much longer you can hold it in for, then I will decide whether you have my permission to empty your bladder.

You should drink lots of water before taking the quiz if you don't already have to pee, and wait until you start to get the urge. If you do already need to pee you can still drink some water to make it more interesting.

Created by: Pee pee

  1. Do you need to pee?
  2. Press your bladder. How did it make you feel
  3. How much have you had to drink in the last 2 hours?
  4. How often do you normally pee in a day
  5. Have you ever wet yourself as an adult?
  6. When did you last pee
  7. Would you go to the toilet now if there was one available?
  8. Put on a tight belt or tight clothing over where your bladder is (if you don't have a belt or anything tight just press your palm in to your bladder) and leave it there for 5 minutes. How did it go?
  9. How much longer do you think you can hold before you wet yourself
  10. How full does your bladder feel now?
  11. Think about this story as if you were in this situation now and tell me how it makes your badder feel:You're in the back of a taxi on your way home, you've been travelling for 3 hours and you drank lots at the start of the journey, the driver is big and scary looking, you ask him to stop at the next services but he says there aren't any and we're nearly there. You know there is still at least an hour to go but you try to wait. After 15 minutes you're getting desperate for a break so you ask again, the driver says no and makes sure the doors are all locked so you can't get out. You hit some traffic and sit in the queue for 30 minutes before starting to move again. You ask the driver if you can hop out to pee while you're sitting still but he says no its not allowed. When you get through the traffic jam you tell him you're desperate to pee and need him to stop. He says you'll be fine and stop complaining. You sit in the back squirming and crossing your legs for what feels like an eternity then you catch him looking at you in the mirror, he looks angry so you try to sit still. Another 15 minutes passes and your bladder feels swollen and hard, you start to recognise the roads and know…
  12. If you can, lay down, but if not just do this in whatever position you're in :Spread your legs out as wide as you can then tickle your bladder area
  13. Squat down (or open your legs wide if you can't) , don't use your hands to help hold and cough twice
  14. Do you want me to let you pee?
  15. How does your bladder feel now?
  16. Think about peeing. The trickle in to the bowl, the relief, that hissing sound as all that pee bursts out of your bladder
  17. How full does your bladder feel?
  18. Are you still holding? Have you let any out during this quiz?
  19. Keep holding... We're nearly there
  20. One last press on your bladder before we finish...
  21. Did you enjoy the quiz?
  22. Keep holding...
  23. Just a bit longer now
  24. Have a drink before we finish

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Quiz topic: Do I have permission to pee

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