do you have ADHD?

ok so the kids r teasin u at school and y. u know there is defi somethin wrong but wat my friend is it? so some of the most popular things 2 b made fun of is that u hav adhd!

so will u take the quiz? r u adhd? if so, wat will u make of it? if not, wat will u think? wat will u do afta u takea quiz? will u like it? so wat will u get huh? find out wen u take this quiz!

Created by: sofi

  1. do u get distracted easil-hey look theres a bird! well anyway do u get distracted-wat was i saying?
  2. are u impatient? come on hurry up and choose! cum on!!!!!!
  3. r u continually thumping ur fingers and feet and pencil and-"thump"
  4. so wat r u doin with ur extra time?
  5. do ur teachers talk about u havin a problem and youve also been noticing somethin wrong? "whoa look at th-"
  6. so wat u wanna tak about?
  7. do u lash out? like do u jus say somethin that pops in ur head?
  8. r u extremely organized or totally lost???
  9. 2nd 2 lastly. do or have any of ur parents or relatives had it or have it?
  10. so do u think u have it?

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Quiz topic: Do I have ADHD?