Do You Act Like Your Dog?

There are many dog lovers, but few people who act like dogs. What is someone who acts like a dog? It is someone who does many things that his or her dog does, like eat the same type of food, or play the same games. After this quiz, you may see your self in a whole different light.

Do you act like your dog? Do you have the guts to take this quiz? Until now, you could only wonder. But now, you can find out what you have been waiting your whole life to hear!

Created by: Haley
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  1. How do you sleep?
  2. What do you do at recess the most?
  3. Out of the following 6 foods, which do you like the most?
  4. Is your dog one of the following colors?
  5. What is your hair color?
  6. If you were going to a party and you wanted to wear some jewelry, what would you wear?
  7. If you had to pick one hairstyle out of all of these, which would you pick?
  8. If you want to get someone's attention, what do you do?
  9. When someone who has authority over you like your parents or teacher asks you to do something, what do you say?
  10. When you have free time, what do you do?
  11. When do you wake up in the morning?

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Quiz topic: Do I Act Like my Dog?