Do the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus watch you?

In the Greek myths some of the heroes are watched or guided by the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus. So, are you one of those? Only people who are really watched will get 100%. Also there is a Are You A Real Demigod? Quiz that you should check out it should help a bit with this one. So are you ready to find out the truth?

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  1. Do you feel like you are being watched and guided by someone or something else?
  2. Before you did this quiz did you swear on the River Styx to answer all of these questions truthfully?
  3. Do you truly believe the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus are real and really out there?
  4. Which of these camps do you go to?
  5. Has a god or goddess ever communicated with you? Like in your dreams or when you are thinking about them? Have they ever helped you before?
  6. Are you are demigod?
  7. Has a god or goddess ever told you what to do before? Or do you think you have seen one of them ever in your life?
  8. Now, are you a real demigod like…Oh never mind if I was I can not tell you! Anyway, are you one? There is a quiz on the website, you should check it out!
  9. Will you pray to the gods to make sure they are watching you?
  10. Do you want them to watch over you and guide you?

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