do people like you?

Have you ever wondered if people like you? Have you felt ignored? Do you think people hate you?are you popular? Have you ever stopped wondering? Well its time to find out!

Take my quiz and you will se if people think you're interesting or outgoing or just plain nice but this is based on your personality so try your best and good luck!

Created by: talia gomez
  1. Are you nice?
  2. Do you hug your friends ? :]
  3. Do they compliment you?
  4. How many people do you text?
  5. Are they always with you?
  6. Do they ask you for advice?
  7. Do they give you gifts?
  8. Do they invite you to parties?
  9. Do YOU think you are interesting?
  10. Are you ready to figure out if people like you?

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