Divergent Quiz- what fraction do you belong in?

Hi Divergent Quiz takes. This Quiz will tell you what faction you are most suited for. Maybe you are the Abnegation,selfless and kind. Or the Dauntless, who are brave and daring.

Take this Quiz to find out!!!

Created by: peggy ross

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  1. There is a man in front of you. he looks pale, sick even. He asks you if you have any water for him. What do you say?
  2. What is you favourite colour?
  3. What is your hero out of these?
  4. who of these is your favourite divergent Character?
  5. ello hay ad bay an may
  6. Pick a weapon.
  7. Favorite animale
  8. 2+2=
  9. What is you favourite word out of these?
  10. what is your favourite out of the four divergent books?

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Quiz topic: Divergent Quiz- what fraction do I belong in?