Discover Which Character Are you in How To Train Your Dragon

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Hey!! Do you want to find out which character are you in How To Train Your Dragon? You might be one of the twins; the sporty Astrid!!!!!!!! Are you excited?!

If you didn't get your favourite character, don't stress, IT'S OKAY!!!!! It is just an interesting quiz to pass the time. Already...... Glide down, good luck, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Created by: Stephanie

  1. Are you a male or a female?
  2. Very good. When doing a team work project, you are.....
  3. You prefer....
  4. Who is your crush?
  5. Who is your crush?
  6. Who is your LEAST favourite character?
  7. Which of theses' your favourite appearance?
  8. What's your eye colour? If you don't wanna say it, pick your favourite!
  9. You are afraid of....
  10. Do you want a dragon?

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Quiz topic: Discover Which Character am I in How To Train my Dragon