DDLC Personality Test

This test is about DDLC Personality types. Which one are You? Are You Monika, Sayori, Yuri, Or Natsuki? Let me know in the comment section ok? if You don't Barney's gonna come to your house and bite you.

Do You like this game? clearly You do since You are taking this test dummy, don't lie about it either, Idiot. Gosh What else do I say ummm Do You like cupcakes?

Created by: Raven-The Spy

  1. Do you have difficulties with conversations?
  2. What do You like to do?
  3. What's Your Passion?
  4. How do you approach relationships?
  5. How do You greet new people?
  6. What is Your favourite Colour?
  7. What's Your stance on Knives?
  8. Did You enjoy this test? (no effect)
  9. What's Your stance on Dark Humour?
  10. Just Monika?

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