dc superheroes!

this quiz will determine if you know your superheroes. what are their secret identities, where are they from, are they related, etc. if you can ace this quiz, then go to a harder one. this quiz is for moderate comic-fanatics and jlu lovers. if you are into the WHOLE comic nation(including marvel), then this is just about DC. im sorry, but marvel comics STINK. i mean, the daily bugle(or whatever) for a newspaper!! daily planet is soooooo much better. i rest my case.

are you one of those people? one of those that actually would take the time and patience to read like 10 articles on one DC hero? well i am, and that is why i made this quiz. i have never really liked superheroes(DC of course) until really now. i dont really know why, i guess, i JUST DO! hope you do too!

Created by: someone

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  1. what is the real identity of the 3rd flash??
  2. what is the true identity of speedy??
  3. name one character that was in the original "seven soldiers of victory".
  4. what superhero name did ray palmer take the mantle of??
  5. what name did the 4th flash, bart allen, take on instead of the flash(at first)??
  6. how many "robins" has batman had as a side-kick/partner??
  7. who did robin(dick grayson) have a relationship with in both the comics,and the animated show:"teen titans"??
  8. who created superman??
  9. who was the 1st green lantern??
  10. don and hank hall were the brother superheroes.....
  11. which of these heroes does NOT have superpowers?? you better be good w/ names!
  12. what is the original captain marvel's secret identity??
  13. true or false(yes or no): Roy Harper(speedy/arsenal) had a drug addiction to a drug called heroin.

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