Your Online Character's Digital Footprint!

Here you can create yourself as a digital character and test how responsible your digital footprint is!. Try your hardest to have the best reputable responsible digital footprint.

Whether you dislike your score or not please continue through to the website through the link once you've complete the digital footprint quiz. Link for the website has been placed on the quiz.

Created by: Oscar Poveda of Click here for the link to re-direct you
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  1. What is you gender?
  2. What is your age?
  3. What is your characters gender?
  4. What age is your character?
  5. Which of these devices do you own? Choose one!
  6. Do you handle your online profiles with responsibility?
  7. Which of the following do you do?
  8. Who do you accept into your accounts?
  9. Do you buy things from the item store from fortnite or minecraft and save the credit card information?
  10. A stranger is trying to follow you on you online profile which of the following do you do?
  11. Do you buy things off tiktok advertisements even if they seem too good to be true?
  12. Do you click on every advertisement because it interests you without knowing if it's safe to do so?
  13. Do you have all of your applications up to date?
  14. Do you have all of your social media and game applications up to date?
  15. Do you post Racist or discriminatory things on your profile?

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Quiz topic: My Online Character's Digital Footprint!