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Hii there, I'm nurse and welcome to my quiz! In this quiz, you will be asked questions about a character's appearance and personality. Answer with your desired choice to end up with a fitting result.

This is just for fun so select any answers! You could even click randomly and surprise yourself with the result. What ya waiting for? Let us begin....

Created by: nurse

  1. Which hair color would you like for your character to have?
  2. Which eye color would you like for your character to have?
  3. Would you like your character to be an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert?
  4. Is your character more bold or timid?
  5. Which personality trait would you like for your character?
  6. Which career would you want your character to pursue?
  7. Which of these names appeal to you?
  8. Which outfit would fir your character best?
  9. Let's let fate decide this time!
  10. Would your character rate and comment?

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