Could you be my friend?

Please take my friend quiz and find out if you are my friend or not. Do you think you could be my friend, or nah? It's ok if you are my friend, or nah.

Are you my friend? Tell me in the comments if you are my friend or not. I am ssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin' bored, ok? Grumpy Cat rules!

Created by: DogsLover

  1. Do you like Dork Diaries?
  2. Are you popular?
  3. Do you like animals?
  4. Here comes everyone's (least) favorite question: What's your favorite color? (This question doesn't count.)
  5. Do you like McDonald's?
  6. Do you like the following sodas: Dr. Pepper, Coke, Root beer, orange soda, and sprite?
  7. Did you like my truth or dare quizzes?
  8. Do you think I should make a 4th one?
  9. Do you like the book I am posting on GoToQuiz so far?
  10. Do you like the movie, Beverly hills Chihuahua?

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