Could you be a Princess Pinky Pink Jojo Bow Girl?

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In this quiz you will learn if you could be a Princess Pinky Pink Jojo Bow Girl. They are characters in a book I am writing. Remember, if you don't like your result, it's just a quiz made by an amateur.

Do people even read these? I don't. And they are a pain to write. I am going to write blah blah blah for the rest of the time. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Created by: Louise

  1. Are you mature?
  2. Do you like things that are incredibly sweet?
  3. Do you like pink?
  4. Do you like Jojo Siwa?
  5. Are you sassy?
  6. Are you girly?
  7. Are you emotional?
  8. Choose an activity:
  9. Are you a cheesy person?
  10. Do you like unicorn popcorn?
  11. Do you like romance?
  12. Are/were you popular in school
  13. Do you like cheesy pop?
  14. Choose a method of exercise:
  15. Choose a movie:

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