Could We Be Best Friends?

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Lot's of people think that they are or could be my friend. But ARE they? Best friends come with certain standards and qualities to a TRUE best friend.

Do YOU think you are my friend? Do you WANT to be my friend? You'll never know if you ARE or COULD be my friend unless you take this handsomely designed quiz. :)

Created by: Fire_Fairy

  1. Hello, I'm Emma, and I like to make friends :)
  2. This quiz consists of simply yes, no, and maybe questions and answers.
  3. Are you loud?
  4. Do you like sports?
  5. Do you like the color pink?
  6. Do you like the color blue?
  7. Do you like the color green?
  8. Are you funny and humorous?
  9. Do you like werewolves, demons, etc.?
  10. Do you like farm animals (pigs, chickens, ducks, etc.)?

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