Could we be a good match? Boys only

This quiz is random. Idk why I made it. Im just bored. Also I want to see how similar me and random ppl are :D. What should I fill the rest in with....?

This quiz is for boys only (Srry fellow girls) I have to write 150 words but idk what to fill it in with.. I just will have to stall? You can leave now

Created by: GalaxyCattkitty

  1. Do you play Roblox?
  2. Are you ok with being with someone with braces?
  3. What is your age?
  4. Do you like the band Maroon 5?
  5. Am I running out of ideas?
  6. Are you considered smart?
  7. Do you like the song Lucid Dreams?
  8. Do you love music
  9. Are you creative?
  10. What would people most likely find you doing?

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