Can you win the pro wrestling match?

You have three stats. They are technical, brawling, and charisma. They can go from 1 to 10: and you have 16 points to spend. Mark down your stats somewhere where you can refer to them.

There is a element of randomness just like there would be with any contest in real life. Sometimes you might want to get the less likely results. But when using two six-sided dice the numbers towards the middle are the ones that are rolled more often. To test a skill you must roll equal to the skill or less with two dice six sided. If it says you get a bonus then that means you add one to your skill. If it's a penalty you subtract one from your skill before you roll.

Created by: Lasher
  1. Psychology, technical, brawling, wrestling, charisma, high flying. You start the match. You are being beaten mercilessly. Will you use brawl, wrestling or technical to change the tide? Roll stat against 2d6 with a penalty of 1.
  2. You attempt to reverse an arm lock. Do you want to..
  3. Do you go with full offense rolling against brawling with 2d6 -2. Or do you go with defense rolling against technical at -1?
  4. Do you use your charisma with a bonus of 2 to rouse the crowd in your favor or do you use your technical ability with a bonus of one to gain favor in the match? Both actions are not equal in results
  5. your opponent is coming off the ropes. Do you use flying cross body block or a clothesline
  6. You are caught in a brawling match. You can instead use your psychology with a penalty of one.
  7. You have a chance to go for a high risk move. Do you do it?
  8. Roll 2 six sided dice.
  9. Test your technical or brawling +1 bonus.
  10. Roll 2 dice

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Quiz topic: Can I win the pro wrestling match?