Can YOU Take Care of a Goldfish?

Many people think that taking care of Goldfish is easy, but lo and behold, it isn't. And of all those people, they are divided into two groups: the Newbies - the new people in the Goldfish worlds, and the Advanced - the oldtimers...

Which one are YOU? Do you have the knowledge of an Advanced, or the so called "common sense" of a Newbie? Oldtimer or newborn? Calf or Cow? You'll find out in this awesome new quiz!

Created by: Nikki
  1. You bought your Goldfish from the pet store! You are ready to place him in either the Tropical tank, or the Goldfish tank. Which one?
  2. Lets say you put him in the Tropical tank, with your, lets say, Angelfish. What do you think will happen by morning?
  3. Now, let's replace the Angelfish with Chichlids. What's gonna happen to your Goldfish by morning?
  4. Now to the Goldfish tank. You previously bought Bubble-eyed Goldfish (lovely aren't they?). Let's say you bought a Comet today. You place the Comet in the tank. In two months time, what's going to happen?
  5. To an Oscar and Arrowana, is a Goldfish bigger or smaller than them?
  6. Generally speaking, Goldfish aren't aggressive.
  7. Like all fish, Goldfish pick on the injured and the shorties, ESPECIALLY if they're crowded.
  8. Goldfish are hardy.
  9. If put in ponds, Goldfish will form a school of fish and follow each other around.
  10. Goldfish can be aggressive during the breeding season.
  11. In the breeding season, which do you think might happen?
  12. THE IMPORTANT QUESTION: Will you put your Goldfish in a fishbowl, or in a tank?

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Quiz topic: Can I Take Care of a Goldfish?