can you survive a zombie apocalipse

welcome to this quiz this will be about a zombie Apocalypse e can you survive? try this now!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a semi realistic zombie Apocalypse based on plague inc

the virus is called PX-411z or necroa virus it it is a virus that will kill the host then attempt to reanimate it making it mindless and having only basic instincts

Created by: scp guard justin

  1. what is your age?
  2. what is your gender?
  3. there is reports about an outbreak in saudi araibia what do you do?
  4. chose a country
  5. the zombie infection has begun what kind of home do you have?
  6. there are zombies everywhere many humans are infected who do you live with
  7. you have to defend yourself pick a weapon
  8. whats the best possible way to kill a zombie
  9. if you have no bullets or weapon what would you do?
  10. chose the ideal fortification area
  11. z com has been activated in usa and sweeden
  12. you run into soldiers they are from darkwater they will kill you because you are in a restricted area past curfew
  13. you are kicked out of usa and are left alone with some survivors
  14. your most loved one has been bit

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a zombie apocalipse